Virginia Registered Agent Service Lawyer

Registered Agent Services:  Although an officer or director may serve as a Registered Agent, it is often preferable to have an attorney handle that responsibility. The principals of the company will maintain more privacy since their names and addresses will not be listed with the SCC.  I ensure that your company’s Annual Report is correctly completed and that you are advised of all filing deadlines and fees.  You simply sign the forms and file them based on the instructions I provide.  For corporations I ensure that you receive a set of basic annual minutes for filing in the corporate book.  Finally, if your company is sued, the suit is normally served on the Registered Agent.  If I am your Registered Agent the sheriff or process server comes to my office, not your home or business, and I will contact you to ensure that an appropriate response is filed.

  • Standard Registered Agent Services:
    • My standard Registered Agent services include all of the items listed above plus an initial review of your existing corporate or company records to make sure you have made all necessary filings and are in compliance with Virginia law.  I will advise you of any defects and make recommendations on other documents or agreements that you may want to consider.  In addition, if requested, I will maintain your corporate or company book and draft all annual minutes and other required documents.  The importance of maintaining your corporate or company formalities cannot be overstated.  If you do not operate your corporation or limited liability company like a separate and distinct entity by making all required filings and keeping current and accurate records, you risk losing the protection from personal liability, which is one of the main benefits of operating under a corporate or limited liability company umbrella.
  • Limited Registered Agent Services:  If you would prefer to handle your own annual minutes and maintain your own corporate book or company records, I can simply serve as Registered Agent for SCC purposes, and my services will be limited to sending you the SCC annual report and registration package and accepting service of any litigation or other official filings.

*Please note that if I set up your corporation or limited liability company I will serve as your Registered Agent for the remainder of that calendar year at no additional charge.

Non-Virginia Entities In order to conduct business in Virginia, out of state (foreign) entities must obtain a Certificate of Authority to Transact Business in Virginia from the SCC, and the entity must have a Registered Agent and a registered office address in Virginia just like domestic entities. The requirements for obtaining a Certificate of Authority are very specific, and they can be cumbersome without the assistance of an experienced attorney.  If a business is moving to Virginia permanently it is also possible to “domesticate” that business by converting it to a Virginia entity.  Contact me for more details.  I have experience with a variety of entities from many different states. If your company plans to do business in Virginia I am quite confident that I can assist you in that process.

Assumed Names/DBA:  If a corporation or LLC is operating under an “assumed name”, trade name, DBA (“doing business as”), or any name other than its officially registered SCC name, it must file a Certificate of Assumed Name in the county or city where it does business.  A copy of that Certificate must also be filed with the SCC.  I can take care of these requirements for you quickly at a very reasonable cost.  See Fees – Business Services.