Real Estate Closings Law

I handle all aspects of commercial and residential real estate transactions. My experienced and attentive staff handles the processing aspects of real estate transactions, but I am always personally accessible to clients, real estate agents, lenders and others who are involved in the process. You can be assured that your transaction will receive my personal attention.

The process of buying or selling real estate starts with a contract. Most residential sales involve real estate agents, in which case a form contract is normally used. However, it is advisable to have the contract reviewed by an experienced real estate lawyer because terms and conditions can vary, particularly terms involving home inspections and financing contingencies. I provide contract review on a timely basis. If you are buying or selling real estate without using a real estate agent, I can prepare the purchase/sale agreement and related documents based on the price and other terms that have been negotiated between the parties.

Commercial real estate transactions demand the involvement of an attorney at an early stage. Often these transactions start with a letter of intent, which evolves into a formal contract. A letter of intent is not binding, but it does set the tone of the deal and expectations of the parties, so its wording can be important. Some commercial real estate agents provide form contracts, but I believe the complexity of most commercial transactions calls for an attorney to draft a detailed contract tailor to the specific property and particular circumstances of the deal. Commercial properties, including vacant land, often involve unique title, environment, zoning, inspection, appraisal and other issues that need to be carefully considered. Commercial transactions may also involve existing leases that need to be reviewed and assigned.

Buying Real Estate:

After receiving a fully signed purchase/sale agreement, we order a title search, title insurance, hazard insurance, survey (if requested), and we work with your lender to satisfy all of their requirements for closing. In commercial transactions, I often assist with due diligence. If the inspections, survey or title search reveals problems with the property I will work the appropriate parties to resolve those problems.

All residential real estate closings in Virginia must be conducted by a licensed, insured and bonded settlement agent. I have all registrations, licensure, and insurance, and I have been handling residential and commercial real estate closing for almost 20 years. I work with all types of financing for residential closings, from conventional to FHA and VA loans. I also work with all types of financing for commercial closings, from conventional to SBA loans.

In order to start the purchase process, please complete a Buyer Closing Information Form (Residential) or Buyer Closing Information Form (Commercial) (either commercial or residential) and e-mail it to my office along with a copy of the signed purchase/sale agreement. We will contact you upon receipt of the form.

Selling Real Estate:

In order to sell real estate in Virginia the deed must be prepared by the seller personally or by an attorney. I handle all aspects of both residential and commercial sales, including drafting contracts, deeds, and related seller documents, and resolving title problems. Documents are usually prepared and ready for you to sign a short time before closing. If any title defects are discovered, we will address them promptly to ensure that closing occurs on time. Finally, at the time of settlement, I will review the HUD-1 settlement statement or Closing Disclosure form with you to ensure compliance with the contract.

In order to start the sale process, please complete a Seller Closing Information Form and e-mail it to my office along with a copy of the signed purchase/sale agreement. We will contact you upon receipt of the form.

Real Estate Refinances:

I handle all types of commercial and residential refinances. In order to start the process, please complete a Refinance Closing Information Form and e-mail it to my office along with a copy of your existing owner’s policy of title insurance (which will usually save you a significant amount of money on title insurance). Also, please provide my name and contact information to your mortgage loan officer. We will contact you upon receipt of the form.