Real Estate Investor Representation Virginia

I have been representing commercial and residential real estate investors for almost 20 years. There are many investor programs on the market, and we often see TV and print advertising boasting of easy profits in real estate. While there is significant profit potential, there are also many potential liabilities that investors should be aware of. Many of the advertised programs are not geared toward doing business in Virginia, and they often ignore certain realities that can frustrate your ability to earn a profit. Real estate investors should associate with an attorney who works with non-traditional transactions on a regular basis. Even experienced real estate attorneys are accustomed to dealing with “routine” real estate transaction and may not be well suited to working with investors using non-traditional methods of buying, selling and financing transactions.

I often work with investors who “flip” properties, as well as those who buy, renovate and lease properties. I handle assignments, simultaneous closings, private financing, long or short-term lease-options, “subject to” closings, installment sales (contract for deed) and land trusts. I am used to dealing with distressed properties, which often involve as short sales, foreclosures, divorces, and estates. My staff and my affiliated title company are accustomed to these transactions, so we can provide a smooth closing even under difficult circumstances.

If you are a real estate investor in Virginia I am confident that I can help you improve your business with my knowledge and experience in this area.